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Sizes Available: 5’7” x 17 7/8 x 2 3/16” – 24.3L, 5’10” x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4” – 27L
Sizes Tested: 5’7”

Eleveight Says:

The Curl Pro is a high-performance shortboard, perfected to send fierce hacks and ultra-smooth carves that leave a smile for weeks. Based on the designs of proven pro-surfboards, we optimized the Curl Pro for kite-powered riding. We redefined the outline to deliver outstanding upwind capabilities and rail-to-rail surfing for maximized momentum. Our innovative Carbon Flex Technology (CFT) with a medium-density PU-core, an integrated Innegra/carbon vector grid, and a carbon stringer provides the distinctive flex and surf feel of a glassed surfboard. However, the Curl Pro is much more durable than a regular surfboard, developed to withstand the much higher strain of kitesurfing.

The bottom features a single concave causing the rails to bite deep into the water, adding stability while also generating more speed. The squash tail enhances the board’s dynamic maneuverability. For the latest version, we added more tail rocker, making snappy turns and aggressive hacks more accessible. We also increased the volume slightly, again adding speed and advancing maneuverability. Long flowing carves come naturally to the board. A Thruster fin setup ensures grip in all situations.

Shaped by hand close to the Eleveight HQ in Portugal, we switched to a new eco-friendly and UV-resistant resin. While offering the same material strength, it protects the white shine of the board. We also got rid of 90 % of plastic in our packaging, further reducing the ecological footprint of the board.

The Curl Pro is excellent in small waves. However, it becomes incredible when ridden in punchy mid to large-sized surf. The board is fine-tuned for ambitious strapless riders with the need for unlimited performance in all conditions. It takes you as far as you are willing to push. Ride the Curl Pro and the lineup is yours.

Visit for more info: www.eleveightkites.com/boards/curl-pro

TKB Says:

The arrival of the Curl Pro in a Dakine surfboard bag was a pleasant surprise with its new CFT construction methods pulling top-shelf materials and high-quality manufacturing know-how in Portugal. From the moment we sized the board up in our hands we knew that Eleveight takes their surf program very seriously.

Design and Features
The Curl comes with a rounded squash tail and features a fairly significant single concave that runs through its nose and mid-section. Its template looks like a classic high performance surf shape with some carbon stringers and extra Innegra patches around the areas that take extra heated forces from kitesurfing. The weight on the Curl Pro feels really good in the hand, giving us the feel of a board that is light enough to be high performance and super flickable, but also durable enough to handles aerials and hard aggressive riding. The rails are noticeably thin around the nose and particularly the mid-section with the deck feeling flat in the center with a substantial dome connecting to those tight rails. The squash tail looked like it had subtle hints of a rounded pin, but it was definitely more squash than pin. The Curl Pro has a good amount of rocker throughout the entire board and you can feel that in the water from your first tack off the beach.

From the start, we immediately noticed that the thin rails and extra concave make the Curl Pro feel incredibly connected to the water. We were given medium-sized fins of an unknown brand and together with the rails and concave the Curl Pro always had this tremendous sense of control whether we were bottom turning or slashing lips. The tail had a really solid grip that took a bit more effort to break loose, but on our bottom and off the top turns it felt really dependable and controlled and that gave us the confidence to push the board much harder. While the Curl Pro initiates and rolls into carves quite easily, the board really shined when we had standup quality waves that were hollow, down the line and clean. The Curl Pro was really good at controlled bottom turns that terminated in just the right place on the wave and with a vertical square up off the lip, the Curl seemed to always lead us back into the pocket, landing and driving into the next section, ready to do that all over again. Sometimes when a board shines like this in really good caliber waves you start to have doubts about its small sub-par wave performance, but the Curl was still fun when the waves weren’t standing up and it takes a bit more back foot pressure to get the board to pivot and reenter the line of the wave.

As we began to spend more time on the Curl Pro, we started to ride it faster, boosting bigger airs and having fun outside of perfect waves. The Curl Pro’s grip and control make launching off chop and bigger strapless airs fun and it felt like the bottom shape was very forgiving on landings and slipped right back into control. The Curl Pro’s low weight kept the board glued to our feet busting over set waves, so the strapless capabilities are solid for the rider that mixes freestyle with their surf. The sharper edges of the board did a good job cutting through the chop on longer tacks, although with the extra rocker we tended to move our back foot farther forward to find the super-efficient sweet spot on the board’s upwind edging. The feel of the materials offered a flex and an organic feel that was really refreshing. This board seemed to be stiff where it needed to be but reactive in the lip and had just enough softness to not feel like a freakish popout chemistry experiment.

When it comes to the new paradigm of kitesurfing, the Curl Pro falls into that expanding category of boards that mimic the feel and performance of a high-end custom surfboard, but with the durability that will stand up to kitesurfing’s constant wave rotation. The Curl Pro is most at home in chest-to-head and half-sized waves—this is where the board’s traction, turning and drive really comes alive to give you the confidence and the consistency to go for the jugular. Once you fall, you’ll choose the old faithful Curl Pro for the small trash days as well, but you’ll be lusting for that next big swell.


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