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This video is not meant to replace professional kiteboarding instruction. We strongly suggest that everyone interested in kiteboarding start by taking a lesson.

Once you’re up and riding, the first thing you need to learn is how to change directions. There are many different ways to change directions, but the simplest way is to basically come to a stop and then ride away in the new direction. This is a transition that even experience kiteboarders use often as it allows you to change directions while losing little or no distance downwind.

While riding along with good speed, start by edging upwind to slow down. At the same time, slowly bring your kite to the top of the window. You want to time your movements so that your kite reaches the top of the window at the same moment that you lose all forward speed. Keep your knees bent through the entire transition.

With your kite overhead, most of your weight will be supported by the kite, making it easier to shift your weight to prepare for riding in the new direction. Slowly shift your weight to your front foot, which will become your back foot, while turning your head and shoulders to face your new direction of travel. Before you sink into the water, dive your kite in the new direction of travel and ride away.