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This video is not meant to replace professional kiteboarding instruction. We strongly suggest that everyone who is interested in learning to kiteboard start by taking a lesson.

Body dragging is a necessary step that everyone must go through when learning how to kiteboard. The purpose of body dragging is to become comfortable in the water while flying the kite before adding the complications of a board.

Walk into at least knee deep water and relax in the water with your legs behind you. While body dragging, you want to practice control over the kite and your direction of travel. You don’t want to just be aimlessly flying your kite in the sky. Start with gentle vertical power strokes and slowly work up to more aggressive power strokes as you gain confidence.

You also need to practice body dragging upwind, as this is a very important skill to have in the water. This is a skill you will use every time you fall off your board. Fly your kite gently along the edge of the window and turn your body to be perpendicular to your kite and extend your lead arm in front of you.

Only when your kite skills have progressed to the point where you can easily do this are you ready to try getting up on the board.

Rider: Mike Sysavat/Airborne Kiteboarding