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Joining Naish’s lineup for this season are the Pivot, Slash, and Torch. The Pivot is Naish’s all-around kite, famous for its incredible jumping ability, wave riding performance, responsiveness, and tight, pivoting turns. The Slash is Naish’s dedicated wave kite that offers unmatched drift, linear power delivery, and a wide wind range. The Torch is the only kite that has won King of the Air, Freestyle World Championships, and the Kite Park League World Title ”” making it a favorite among freestyle and big-air specialists.





The goal of the Naish twin tip line is to ensure that there is the perfect board to suit all riders in every condition. Naish’s twin tip line has been through rigorous testing by our multi-talented team riders all over the globe. New constructions and technical features have resulted in a range of boards from ”˜do it all’ performance freeride such as the Motion or the Traverse, to boards that specialize in certain realms, such as the Monarch for explosive pop when riding powered, the Hero, designed for all-around performance, or the Switch, combining two boards in one with its unique asymmetrical design.

Tim Walsh puts the Motion through its paces. // Photo Frankie Bees


Waves or freestyle, strapped or strapless, this season’s lineup has a board for every rider. Intentionally designed for maximum performance, Naish’s surfboards are lightweight and made for charging.