Fun night, flat water and a good breeze! Thursday night was one of those nights that picking the right kite was an art not a science. 30 minutes before the start everyone was thinking 8m kites or 9s but by the time 5:15 rolled around about half the fleet decided to go big on 10s or 11s.

Race one let the fleet spread out down the line as wind was well filled in all the way to the beach. On the long port stretch out to the mark though the south swirl was starting to make things interesting. First mark was Johnny (1,1,1) followed by Joey (2,2,2) then by Seth (3,3,3). Downwind Johnny and Joey stayed pretty much in lock step. Johnny slightly ahead and holding the lead through the finish.

The wind lightened up a little bit for race two, but some stinger veins of wind were pushing off Crissy. Again 90+ percent of the fleet started on starboard responsibly spread down the line. The first pack of Johnny, Joey and Seth were tight off the beach but held on starboard just a second too long into the squirrely wind. Both Johnny and Joey escaped while Seth was stuck watching Will Cyr exit right before the hole. The windward mark was Johnny, Joey followed by Will Cyr and Fraser Novakowski (9,7,9). Downwind Joey just managed to squeak out a slight lead on Johnny but after undershooting the mark a little bit and working hard to get down Joey had a double tip collapse allowing Johnny to sneak back in the lead. Will Cyr and Seth rounded the leeward mark within inches of each other. Cyr carried in on port tack while Seth opted to stay a little farther out in the more stable breeze. In the end Will missed the port tack lay line by 20 yards which allowed Seth to use his starboard advantage across the line.

By race three the wind had continued to lighten up and by this point most of the fleet had switched to 11m kites. The wind had stabilized slightly on the inside incentivizing several riders to shoot for a port start. Stefaans (5,5,5) lead the charge but quickly realized that he wasn’t going to make it. Rather than tacking he chose to duck the fleet and head out. In the end however the steady wind outside let him claw back to round the windward mark in a very close 4th. Downwind most of the fleet was able to make it to last chance beach before jibing off to port. Many were able to make the gate with a single jibe. On the upwind it was Johnny and Joey finishing within seconds of each other. The next pack in was Seth, Will and Stefaans all finishing overlapped at the boat.

1) Johnny Heineken
2) Joey Pasquali
3) Seth Besse
4) Will Cyr
5) Stefaans Viljoen

What a great night of racing! See you all in two weeks.

Thursday, May 10, 2018 – Complete Race Results

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