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Just north of where Ben Wilson lives on Australia’s Sunshine Coast is the Great Barrier Reef. He’s been fishing those reefs for years and every now and then, he sees some waves and wind with potential. He heard a few stories that got him excited so he planned a trip to check it out. Always trying to keep his expectations realistic, he knew that place was amazing and with the right wind and waves, it could be a new frontier right in his own backyard.

Finally, after months of waiting everything came together and he spent a few days up there. The kitesurfing was epic but the journey there and back was really what made the trip.

Hunches about the potential of an outer bounds mysto kitesurfing reef are all good and great until you pile a 20-foot fishing skiff with a week’s worth of provisions and set off into the tumultuous waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Read the article that goes along with the video in Vol. 14, No. 2, the summer issue of Tkb. Subscribe here: https://www.thekiteboarder.com/product/magazine-subscription/