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The scholarships have all been awarded, the police checkpoint is almost finished and the playground is 75% complete. The La Ventana Classic is making a difference!

Heres what Amigos de Alumnos says — “Amigos de Alumnos started as a small group of extranjeros wanting to give back to our beautiful communities in La Ventana Bay. Funds were raised primarily through donors with the same desire and the promise that all funds are spent directly for student scholarships. Beginning with the 2011 school year we offered 5 three year scholarships to cover the cost for a student’s transportation and tuition for the full 3 years of high school. The students are required to maintain an average of B or higher in every class.

By 2014 we were sponsoring 14 students and were maintaining our numbers between 15 and 20. We were very happy we could help so many students but we had only been able to offer scholarships to the students from El Sargento and La Ventana. Los Planes was an area with great need but we were without sufficient funds to expand our numbers.

Enter Tim Hatler with an offer to team up Amigos de Alumnos and the La Ventana Classic. All proceeds earned through the Classic are donated to our scholarship program. What a partnership! Within two years our high school numbers have soared to 42, we’ve expanded to Los Planes and Agua Amarga, and for the first time, we have offered a university scholarship to a young man from a farm worker family from who will attend UNIPAZ. He is pursuing a nursing degree with a long range goal of eventually becoming a doctor.

Working with the Classic has been a rousing success for the Amigos de Alumnos and not to mention just so much fun!”