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The best part about La Ventana is that it’s a reliable wind location for the winter months, and it’s very easy to access. Completely geared towards kiteboarding and super beginner-friendly, it’s also very attractive to advanced riders to perfect new moves. La Ventana is very affordable, and it is easy to travel here on a budget. Everything in this charming town is within walking distance, so no car is necessary. Besides kiteboarding, there are plenty of other activities to do, like standup paddleboarding in the mornings, and on no wind days, you can go mountain biking, hiking, diving, spearfishing, do yoga and even attend circus classes. Other than that, various restaurants and bars in town offer a mix of local Mexican cuisine and different international options such as Japanese, Thai, and Italian. Bars and restaurants also provide lots of evening entertainment, such as live bands and salsa nights””there is rarely a boring night in town. A weekly farmer’s market offers fresh fruits, vegetables, delicacies, and various health foods, along with options for traditional souvenirs and accessories. If you have a car, there are

multiple gems to explore outside of the town, including hot springs, waterfalls and the city of La Paz, which is a popular place to swim with whale sharks. This amazing place has something in store for everyone and must be seen and experienced by every windsport enthusiast””you’ll be met by a warm and welcoming community that emphasizes working together, helping one another out, and enjoying all that Baja has to offer.

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The closest airport is in La Paz (LAP), but most people choose to fly into Los Cabos International Airport (SJD).

La Paz International Airport is about 36 miles or a one hour drive from La Ventana. Los Cabos International Airport is about 93 miles or a two and a half-hour drive from La Ventana.

The recommended method of transportation is to take a shared shuttle from the airport to town. Your hotel or host can help you organize transportation. It is about $30-$40 from La Paz and $50-$70 from Cabo, depending on how many people share the shuttle. There is an option to rent a car at either airport; however, if you are not looking to venture outside the town, a car won’t be necessary.

Photo: Ando Flores

The windy season falls between November and April. La Ventana is a great escape for North America’s winter months.

The wind ranges between 17-22 knots. However, the occasional ”˜El Norte’ brings stronger storm winds and swell conditions to town.

The average water temperature is around 70° F whereas the average air temperature ranges between 65° F and 75° F. Bring your full suit; a 3/2 or 4/3 will do depending on your temperature sensitivity. There are the occasional light and warm wind days where a spring suit will suffice, but don’t count on it!

The summer months (May through October) are the worst for wind; however, this is when the town turns into a fishing paradise. Keep in mind summer gets really hot here!

Photo: Chris Rollett

La Ventana is a very safe place for kiteboarding. However, if you have a car, be aware when driving at night or avoid driving in the dark altogether due to cattle on the roads. One of the local rules is not to damage any of the cardón, a species of cactus native to northwestern Mexico in Baja California, Baja California Sur and Sonora.

The typical local cuisine is Mexican; there’s lots of tacos, burritos, margaritas and cervezas. The most popular places to eat are Marlin Azul, Mariscos El Cone, Taqueria “Dona Paty,” Nomanda Organics, Baja Grill, the restaurant at Palapas Ventana and many more.

There are no shortage of kite schools in La Ventana. Check out www.theventanaview.com and click on the ”˜windsports’ directory option for listings.

https://www.facebook.com/laventanawindmachine MasViento offers daily wind forecast and updates
https://www.windguru.cz/206922 Windguru La Ventana offers additional forecast and tides model
https://www.facebook.com/groups/421458964632341/ La Ventana Kiteboarding Facebook Group
http://www.theventanaview.com The Ventana View will keep you posted about everything that is happening in La Ventana, and it is an excellent resource for questions regarding real estate and rentals, excursions, emergencies, events and wellness schedules.

“There is just something about La Ventana that always brings me back to Baja. I love the small-town vibe and the amazing community. It’s a great place to spend the winter months because it’s affordable, beautiful, there is a lot to do, and overall, it has excellent wind conditions. A recent development that makes me very fond of this place is building the Baja Kite Park I am involved in. Baja Kite Park’s biggest aim is to keep high vibes around the park scene and encourage people to give it a try. Everyone is welcome””just remember to bring your helmet!”

Photo: Ando Flores

Volunteer with the local Baja Pet Rescue and play with the cutest puppies. Baja Pet Rescue loves visitors that socialize with the puppies and is always looking for fosters and pet escorts to bring them safely to their new home. You will get lots of love and cuddles in return and contribute to a good cause.

La Ventana is a diverse little town offering lots of actives besides kiteboarding. In case you or your partner aren’t a windsports enthusiast, it is still worth visiting! It’s popular for spear fishing, fishing, mountain biking, motocross, and hiking. The Sea of Cortez is a beautiful place for standup paddleboarding, kayaking and diving. Additionally, the town offers a variety of yoga, fitness and even circus classes.

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