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Sizes Available: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13.5m
Sizes Tested: 6, 8, 10m

Core Says:

There’s nothing better than silently traversing your liquid playground with the new XLite 2. Imagine effortless and precise riding in even the lightest of winds with our fully optimized foiling kite.

The Specialized Series XLite 2 is a one-strut foil kite that’s tuned to perfection. By fusing the power of our Nexus allrounder and the superlative drifting from our unbeatable Section wave kite we created a foiling machine that’s an honest 30% lighter than the already light Nexus. The new CoreTex 2.0 canopy features massively improved tear resistance in both directions, slight weight savings, and a new emulsion that improves flight, durability, and longevity. The ExoTex Light on our struts and leading edge is super tough yet lighter than our industry-leading airframe material. Thinner, anti-snag bridles further reduce weight and improve water relaunching.

Visit for more info: https://corekites.com/us/kite/kites/xlite-2


TKB Says:

This year the XLite has been released in its version 2.0 with additional sizes on each side of the spectrum and new materials that increase durability and flying performance while slicing off just enough weight to enliven the canopy and improve its range.

Inflation Valve: Standard pump hose without adapter
Attachments: Center bridle: Larks head / Wingtip bridle: Knot
Centerline Split: Low-V
Front Bridle Options: Triple setting / three pulleys

Design and Features
The XLite has a medium to higher aspect airframe that features a single center strut and upgraded construction details like Core’s ExoTex Light Dacron and CoreTex 2 Triple ripstop that both bring extra durability while retaining its lightweight low-wind performance. The front bridle pigtails end in a lark’s head and the wingtip attachment points end in knots (there’s two knots for tuning power). The front bridle is now much shorter which eliminates tip-snag; it uses two pulleys and a slider to adjust the angle of attack and comes with three settings on the leading edge to adjust between ”˜Wave, Allround and Freestyle’ (CIT points) with the stock position in the middle ”˜Allround’ setting. The trailing edge uses a double ripstop construction and features four battens, two on each side of the single strut. Inflation happens through Core’s proprietary valve that requires a normal size pump hose without an attachment on the end to be inserted into the valve which needs to be rotated to lock. With the large size aperture, the kite inflates very quickly and the valve stays closed until you insert the plastic deflate finger at the end of your session.

For those XLite fans out there, the V2 retains the platform’s impeccably crisp steering response with direct steering input at the bar while making the kite just a bit more user-friendly through continued weight reductions. The overall feel at the bar remains very comfortable with bar pressure and turning pressure feeling light to medium on your hands. The changes made to the XLite amplify its casual but precise feeling controls while giving you solid impulse feedback on the kite without feeling overbearing or heavy on your arms. The new bridle configuration with its shorter cascades and additional pulley seems to increase the progressiveness and intuitiveness of the power delivery across the bar’s throw, with the airframe feeling a bit more resistant to backstalling when the rider over-sheets the kite through lighter conditions. This helps riders maintain lift in the canopy even in the lightest wind conditions.

The XLite finds the sweet spot in aspect ratio which allows it to feel fast and penetrate forward without sacrificing any of its drift or ability to fly comfortably in the middle of the window. The steering arc remains tight and pivotal, with its reaction to steering input feeling nimble and responsive. Because the single-strut airframe eliminates weight where possible, the XLite has the impressive ability to maneuver even when the wind is light or there is very little tension in your lines. The XLite stays nimble during drifting and throughout lulls, which helps you keep the kite in the air during threshold foilboarding sessions. This extra drift and quick unladen steering response also serves advanced riders as it helps keep the kite moving through technical foiling maneuvers. With its airframe offering impressive float that helps maintain line tension and allows you to glide on swells or carve up waves while the kite stays planted against the window, its drift-ability continues to be a shining quality of the XLite.

Due to the XLite’s substantial changes in the angle of attack, you get complete depower in the canopy when you need it, yet the trailing edge design does a superb job of resisting flutter in everything short of over-powered conditions. The relaunch on the XLite is excellent with its leading edge quickly rotating up from nose down in the deepest part of the window. With very little input, the XLite is on its way back into the air and the shorter bridles reduce the chances of tip snag. The XLite also comes with CIT settings on the front bridle, and while the middle ”˜Allround’ factory setting finds a perfect tuning balance for bar feel, power and steering, you can move it towards ”˜surf’ or ”˜freestyle’ to change the turning radius and grunty feel of the kite to match your individual style of riding.

The additional demand for 2m and 3m options on the small side and the 13.5m size for bigger riders demonstrates the versatility of the XLite for everything from its most obvious target of foilkiting to general freeride, surf and even instruction/progression. The XLite’s lightweight qualities maximize its wind range and agility while its precision design and materials keep the canopy stable and under control even in depowered states. Many riders are expanding their XLite quivers beyond just kite foiling and using the XLite for surf or general freeride, because it brings together extra drift and window stability while being super responsive and user-friendly for a wider audience.

We rode the Xlite 2 with the Core Sensor Pro Foil Bar. Read the review here.


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