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INFINITE LOOP – Kai Lenny kickstarts another chapter in the foilsurfing history books with the concept of the endless ride. According to Kai, “hydrofoils seem to be solving all our problems.”

AARON HADLOW – Still on top after all these years, kiteboarding’s child prodigy looks back at the early years on tour and the importance of a strong competitive compass in the first half of an unfolding lifelong career in kiteboarding.
Aaron Hadlow

UNDERCOVER AT DAKINE – Athlete turned product developer, Chris Gilbert, goes on record about his Red Bull athlete days during the sunrise of our sport and the transition to Dakine’s toiling craftsman of innovative action sports accessories.

FOR THE SLIDERS BY THE RIDERS – Photo essays on the second running of park riding’s premier homespun competition. The Hood Jam puts the Kite Park League’s infantile tour on the road to legitimacy.

THE MAUI OF AFRICA – For Reider Decker, there’s something about being surrounded by a body of water. This time, the Cape Hatteras native broadens his horizons on a tiny island off the eastern coast of Africa.

OPEN LETTER: PETE CABRINHA – The top brands almost never take big chances, but when Pete Cabrinha is ready to make a change and break from kiteboarding’s norms, it’s certainly worth talking about.

ARIEL CORNIEL – Growing up on the impoverished streets of the Dominican does not make for an easy transition to kiteboarding. Only the boundless imagination of a childhood dream can bootstrap garbage bags and broomsticks into a PKRA career.