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Cabrinha Says:

For any rider who likes to ride fast with a versatile and stable wing set. The Hi-Rise Speed wing set is an all new moderate aspect wing with a faster profile made for, as you might have guessed… speed. This wing set is designed for speed and stability when freeriding and stops short of being a full blown racing wing. That being said, hold on because this wing will go as fast as you want to ride.

Tkb Says:

This year the Cabrinha foilboarding program got a significant upgrade with two new wings based on the new Hi-Rise foil platform, the fast wing labeled Speed and the freeride carving called the Lift. This year’s design features a wider aluminum mast and a tapered aluminum fuselage with really solid construction that bolts together with a single size allen wrench, making assembly super easy and reliable with one tool. The Hi-Rise Speed is a straightforward set it and forget it type of wing with no shims or variable settings for lift. Cabrinha’s mast plate is designed both to with boards that feature track mounting systems as well as boards with a single setting board that bolt through the deck of the board. The baseplate is machined out so it has less aluminum and likely is a bit lighter in the weight department which shows because the weight isn’t bad on this for a foil with the durability of metal spars and carbon wings. In terms of speed this is obviously a higher aspect, faster wing that requires a bit more board speed before the Speed wing starts to bump into lift mode. It’s not the fastest foilup speed in the test, but you definitely need more speed than the Lift wing set. In terms of input/reactivity, the Speed is fairly active on the pitch and roll axis while a little more stable on the directional yaw axis. The Speed makes for a really fun carvy ride rail to rail; pitch control takes a little bit more adjustment coming from lower aspect foils that tend to be a little bit slower in that area.

When it comes to foiling tacks and jibes we really had to focus on keeping up the Speed to fly through the turn, otherwise you would come off foil. On the flipside, the high-end speed you get out this wing makes screaming upwind and covering some distance quite a pleasure. We liked the longer mast height which helped us keep the wings buried underwater in more aggressive riding and when you’ve got the board on rail at a steep upwind speed the mast length really helps you maintain control. The Hi-Rise Speed is definitely the wing you want to use to cover some distance but it’s also a fun option for speeding through big giant carves and has the feel of an active foil that’s not just built for screaming in a straight line.

We tested the Hi-Rise Speed with the Double Agent board that doubles as a foilboard and directional surfboard. Featuring simple single setting mounting holes for the foil, the mast plate is secured with bolts countersunk into the top of the deck. In non-foil mode the Double Agent has holes for a set of quad twin tip style fins. The Double Agent features inserts for straps  down the center of the board and windsurfing style duck stance with three forward/aft positions for each strap. The full deck pad helps to control your footwork through jibes and tacks with a fairly thin waffle grip that is comfortable but gives the rider good feedback from the board. The board’s sandwich style construction doesn’t have a ton of volume in waterstarts but it feels perfectly active and minimalist to have such a thin board underfoot once you get flying.