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Cape Town is notorious for its hardcore southeasterly winds, affectionately known as the Cape Doctor, which has brought a growing number of kiteboarding pros to call Kite Beach in Table View their winter home for training. South Africa is one of the most consistently high wind locations in the world, so much so that Red Bull runs the annual King of The Air competition, where the top international big air athletes duke it out over massive mega loops for one of the sport’s most coveted titles. Cape Town has three major spots: Big Bay, Table View and Scarborough. There is generally never any shortage of wind in Cape Town because we are lucky enough to be situated on a peninsula where the wind is bound to be favorable somewhere. For those rare non-windy days and non-kitesurfers in your party, Cape Town delivers an abundance of surfing breaks, cable parks, national gardens, and reserves where you are able to spend a day in the mountains or on a wine farm.

CLOSEST AIRPORT: Cape Town International (CPT).

DISTANCE TO LOCATION: It’s a 40-minute drive from CPT into town.

TRANSPORT TO LOCATION: For traveling around Cape Town, it’s best to rent a vehicle that can fit all your gear. Seasonal rates can be as reasonable as $15 per day.

BEST SEASON: Nov-Feb are the best months for wind in Cape Town.

WIND RANGE: Generally, 12-35 knots average.

WATER TEMPERATURE: The water averages in the 60’s°F range in the winter months.

LOCAL RULES/SAFETY HAZARDS: The standard rules apply here; there are a variety of disciplines in this location, ranging from freestyle to big air and wave riding. There are quite a few beginners taking lessons and it’s advised that you ask around and know the rules as it can be quite a popular and crowded spot at times.

LODGING RECOMMENDATIONS AND COSTS: There are a variety of Airbnb rentals around Cape Town that offer a deep selection of accommodation options to suit every budget.

Board and Kite Africa www.boardandkiteafrica.com
Cape Doctor www.capedr.co.za
Cabrinha Kite School www.cabrinha.co.za/


Make sure you find time for a full moon or sunrise hike up Lions Head trail.

Cape Town Board and Kite Africa is an Airush international destination store located right across the road from Kite Beach. BKA staff knows the ins and outs of Cape Town and can provide excellent advice for visiting kiters or even offer a safe place to leave your car key.

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