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The boys are at it again in Barneys in Paradise 2. This year’s premier west coast kitesurfing film, BIP 2 follows af close knit group of kiters as they travel around the west coast and other parts of the world. From getting barreled in Indo to naked Mexican motorcycle rides, this crew is all about kiteboarding, goofing-off and having fun. Isn’t that what kiting is all about? The boys ride hard in a variety of west coast kitespots, from Portland to Santa Cruz to Morro Bay to Pismo Beach to Belmot Shores and all the way down to Mexico, as well as other world-renound spots including Indonesia, Vietnam and Maui. Whether you’re into freestyle or surf, this film has got a bit of everything. Full of kiting shenanigans and starring Zac Baxter, Josh Brady, Reed Brady, Matt Elsasser, Pike Harris, Brendan Kerr, Teddy Lyons, Sean Mertens, Alden Simmer and Derek Sproul, this full length kiteboarding film is well worth the purchase. Get stoked on kiting and watch it over and over again.

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