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The Mexican Kiting Association’s Festival del Viento 2015, an event that kept kiters waiting for months and months began on Friday, May 22nd. In Riviera Nayarit, on Boracay Beach in Bucerias, where the wind blows from March to June every year, the morning began quietly. A strong sun kicked in the thermal and a clear and distinct wind line was seen on the horizon. Upon finishing the installation for the event, chatting with the Slingshot team and admiring the transformation of the beach as well as the new kite-mobile from Tron-X, the Festival del Viento crew awaited the familiar breeze that has the power to glorify one’s day.

The wind gods pulled through and brought the perfect breeze, blowing every day at 20+ knots for 3 days straight. Carlos Rosas, one of the founders of the Mexican Kiting Association and co-organizer of the festival exclaimed, “This has been the best event ever in Mexico!”

Freestyle Pro 1stAntharRacca 2ndNoeMolk 3rdAndresTapia

Freestyle Pro category

There was a great level of talent among the riders of this event. Anthar Racca, 14 years-old, from Isla Blanca, Quintana Roo, stood out from the crowd and amazed everyone present, taking 1st place and landing tricks including a Blind Judge 7. Noe Molk took 2nd place and Andres Tapia from Guadalajara, Mexico finished 3rd. The competition was fierce and the freestyle finals wowed the crowd with competitors landing tricks including KGBs, Black mobes, Front mobes, Slim Chances, Kite Loop 3s and Blind Judge 3s and 7s.

Freestyle Women 1st Raquel Arroyo 2nd Carolin Nuesser 3rd Katya Stein

Women’s Freestyle

The women of the Women’s Freestyle category put on a great show. Raquel Arroyo of Mexico won 1st place, Katya Stein, a local of Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico took 2nd place, followed by Carolin Nueser from Germany in 3rd.

On Saturday the 23rd, Vallarta Plus transported all of the competitors to the Marina of Riviera Nayarit where the traditional 10km Downwinder began. Francisco Cabildo Quiroz, the event’s MC said, “Xantos Villegas won the Downwind race riding a kite foil, leading the fleet of over 200 participants from La Cruz to Bucerias in a very colorful and spectacular arrival to a beach full of kites, bikinis and style.” Ricardo Andrea Leccese arrived in 2nd place, followed by Pedro Pablo González in 3rd place.

Downwind 10km 1st Xantos Villegas 2nd Ricardo Lecesse 3rd Pedro Pablo Gonza?lez

Downwind Podium

Adam Finer won 1st place in the Slalom event followed by Pedro Pablo González and Juan Pedro Ashida. In the Freestyle Open Class Jaime Ancira Valverde won 1st place, Andres Barrios took 2nd and Wero Morales took 3rd. The crowd was on fire for the Big Air competition with Riccardo Leccese winning, Pedro Pablo González taking 2nd and Anthar Racca in 3rd.

The festival wrapped up with music, cevice and beers while kiters kited against the backdrop of a pink sunset. The 2015 Festival del Viento was a hit with athletes, organizers and spectators alike. In the end, it was agreed that life is just better when the wind blows.

For more info on the event, check out their web site:”¨ https://festivaldelviento.mx