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Photo: Gustav Schmiege

Photo: Gustav Schmiege

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With a long history in our sport, Dimitri Maramenides was one of kiteboarding’s first pro riders and is known worldwide for his impressive big air moves and stunts. Now heading his own company at Epic Kiteboarding, Dimitri has a full line of kite, boards and accessories to offer riders worldwide. Epic does not release new or improved products every year but rather releases new or improved models in ‘generations’ when Dimitri feels he has made a leap forward in performance or construction techniques. Dimitri shares what’s we can expect from his company in 2015.

Photo: Gustav Schmiege

Photo: Gustav Schmiege

Who is the target rider for each of this year’s six-kite Epic lineup? The Renegade model is targeted for all around riders that want a kite that does everything, such as jumping, surfing, freestyle and wakestyle. Then we have the Screamer model which is a freeride kite for riders that want to do any kind of moves but way up in the air with some crazy kite loops, crazy boards off and one or three handlepasses at a time. Next, we have the Surf kite that was designed for riders that just love riding waves. We also offer the Junior Pro (kids) model which was designed by 12-year-old Cameron Maramenides, my son. This model was designed for kids and for small riders. Not to forget, we additionally have the Kids Xten Bar to go with the Junior pro. Finally, we have the Judge kite which was designed for new school.


Putting the Screamer and the Renegade back to back, what are the most obvious performance differences that riders will experience? This is a good question because some people love the renegade and some people love the Screamer. It all depends on the rider’s style of riding. If you like to do things way up in the air then go with the Screamer — hopefully you are not afraid of heights! But if you want a kite that is great for all types of conditions and styles of riding then the Renegade will be the way to go. The Renegade requires less input from the rider compared to the Screamer.


If you were hogtied and forced to put a size on the Infinity, what would that be? When it comes to light wind, there is no need to know the size of the kite. If you are looking for a kite that will fly in 3 to 5 knots on a SUP or will get you out on the water in 7 to 13 knots on a twin tip or surfboard then the Infinity is all you need to know. Let’s say it turns like a 13 meter but has the power of a 19 meter. How is that?


What are the design features of the Surf that make it the hands down choice for the rider who spends most their time in the waves? Sorry can’t reveal all my information. All you need to do is test it and you will be blown away from its performance. And if you can’t test it, then check the video I have posted on our www.epickites.com website under the Surf product video so you get a better understanding of what this kite is all about and why so many people have been very impressed.


Epic launched the Junior Pro line in 2014. Any plans on changing or growing the line for 2015? Yes we just came up with the new Junior Pro 4m V2 that has been improved from the JP4m V1 and we loved it so much that we decided to also make a Junior Pro 8m.

Junior Pro

Any changes to the twin tip line for 2015? What type of riding is each of the boards meant for? I don’t believe in having too many board models — same thing with our kites. It gets too confusing for kiters, not to mention expensive. The Epic twin tip boards have been doing so well that we kept the same shapes but did some changes in the graphics and also added an extra insert for wider stances. So now you have three stances compared to the two stances option you had last year. The Oxygen board was designed for light wind conditions from 7 to 15 knots using the Infinity light wind kite, especially if you are below 190 lbs. If you are above 220 lbs. This is also a good board to use in 10-18+ knot conditions. All too often people believe that a larger kite will have them enjoying light wind sessions. What they don’t realize is that matching the right board and kite for those conditions is key. I designed the Oxygen as a way to offer a light wind solution in a board that also delivers on performance. The Oxygen uses a flat rocker, wood core and flexible tips to provide a super comfortable,fun ride. But when the wind picks up, this board really shines. Predictable control, consistent edging and stable pop will have you enjoying powered moves. The Oxygen is made from Wood Core Tech and advanced glass technologies taken from the snowboard industry. No more waiting on the beach for the wind to pick up. Grab the Oxygen and enjoy the light wind sessions with power and responsiveness. Schools also love this board because of its ability to get on a plane quickly and edge well, preventing skip outs.

The Droid V2 board was designed for riders looking to excel in wakestyle or freeride, the Droid has a very lightweight and strong wood core that provides smooth edging, balanced power, and easy control. It offers riders an extremely fun ride that will take you to new heights, or hold a progressive edge like nothing else before. We took the perfect rocker, added a deep concave and variable flex to create a lively twin tip with a direct yet relaxed feel. The wide ride will have you gliding upwind and not getting bucked around by the chop. Wakestyle riders will enjoy its predictable feel, effortless pop and acceleration through the progressive edge.

The name of the Spartan says it all. It was designed by me to take the abuse of extreme riding and delivers a good balance of grip and control for amazing board-offs and a combination of wakestyle moves. You’ll throw up massive spray in the turns, but be able to ride smooth and break loose on command. The Spartan is the freestyle weapon for today’s riding. This board is meant for heavier winds and also if you are a small rider, it will be the perfect board for you! This wood core board sports a concave bottom, ABS rails and flexible tips for explosive pop and ultimate efficiency. I also incorporated grab rails for those that like to do boards offs. We spared no expense in construction for this ultra-lightweight ride which will have you riding with speed, amazing upwind drive, and a pop that will push you into next year! To help with the insane height, we’ve added a large sweet spot for super soft landings to help you nail more tricks than ever before.

Will the Reef boards be getting an update for 2015? If you can’t find something better why change it? This is what I don’t like about the industry. Every six months many feel like they have to come up with something, even if it’s not as good as the previous year. This is why I don’t go by years but by “Generations.” Once I have something better, then I will release it. The Reef boards remain the same for 2015. But with that said, I am always looking for something better!

Are there any accessories you’d like to mention? Yes our neoprene jacket, back packs, roller bags, golf/ transporter bags and our harness. People just love these items. We can’t keep them in stock.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? Don’t be shy to email me if you want to demo any epic product. The reason I am willing to do that is because I am so confident about our products. And I know that once you test it, you will be very impressed. Eighty percent of the demos that I send out never come back!