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photo by Toby Bromwich

North Kiteboarding International announced last week that Aaron Hadlow, one of kiteboarding’ s most influential riders and 5 x World Champion,will join the North Kiteboarding team.

An inspiration to kiteboarders across the globe for his sheer style, ruthless technicality and British persona, Hadlow’s name has been seen on kites since 2008 and boards since 2004. He was landing double handle passes over 10 years ago, and now he brings years of experience in product development to the North International team.

At just 25 years old, Hadlow’s kiteboarding career has been exceptional throughout. Forever advancing at a pace that left the rest of the PKRA competition fleet behind, Aaron carved a name for himself deep into the kiteboarding industry. Having managed his own brand within Flexifoil for years, he speaks now about being excited to be part of a team after having long been responsible for everything from product development and marketing, to training and travel for the PKRA tour.

Hadlow joins North Kiteboarding not only as a rider and team member, but will be involved heavily in R&D. Between his extensive knowledge and time on the water, and North Kiteboarding’s product development and setup, a Dream Team has merged forces.

“I’m excited about joining North Kiteboarding and it’s great to be supported by such a knowledgeable and experienced team. It’s obviously a massive step for me, but I feel that this partnership has a lot of synergy and potential.”

So what’s next? Hadlow joins lifelong friends Jaime Herraiz and Tom Court, so expect some great videos in the near future. North Kiteboarding also has PKRA riders Mario, Stefan and Reno offering some healthy in-house rivalry on tour. Finally, next month Aaron will be headed to Hood River with the other Vegas riders for his first team shoot. So, stay tuned.

Congratulations on your new move, Aaron!

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