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We love free stuff — and CRAZYFLY is giving it away! The European kite company announced this week they have officially launched their annual Photo Contest.  You could be eligible to win! Check out the contest details here, and send them your best shots today! Deadline for submissions is August 31, 2014.

If selected, you could win one of the following:

1st place Brand new 2015 CrazyFly kiteboard of your choice (except Elite Kiteboard)
2nd place CrazyFly Sick bar 2015
3rd place CrazyFly Golf bag with wheels
4th place CrazyFly Board bag
5th place CrazyFly Pro accessories set
6th place CrazyFly Boardshorts
7th place CrazyFly Hoodie
8th place CrazyFly T-shirt
Public award ”“ CrazyFly Golf bag with wheels for the photo with the most likes on Facebook

Curious about the competition? Browse all new entries daily on CrazyFly’s Facebook page!