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TripleS-5.29.14With a whopping $40,000 up for grabs and featuring more than 35 of the world’s most influential kiteboarders, the prestigious 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational starts in just two days time, May 31 to June 6 at REAL Watersports in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

Riders will compete in three disciplines ”” Surf, Slicks, and Sliders ”” showcasing the planet’s most progressive kiteboarding action for a full week. Given the event’s unique freeride element, riders will not just compete, but also push each other and the sport as a whole to the next level. Offering world-class flatwater and wave conditions, the Venyu Triple-S Invitational features the REAL Slider Park, the world’s finest kite park, which is comprised of state-the-art features (two kickers and three massive rails).

The 2013 event saw big changes: a team of judges and a slopestyle format for the Slider discipline. The 2014 Venyu Triple-S Invitational includes further evolution, as the new Slider format will involve a structured freeride/jam qualifier, and slopestyle for the semi-finals and finals. Plus, there’s a live video feed in The Slick!

The Surf discipline has undergone major evolution too. Rather than surfing the waves as in year’s past, competitors will throw down their best wakestyle tricks off the watery kickers.

As the sport’s most original and influential event, the Venyu Triple-S Invitational is not just about what happens on the water. For this 9th annual event, spectators can expect nine parties, nine bands, and a bikini fashion show! All Venyu Triple-S action is open to the public, including the opening ceremony and awards dinners.

The official international lineup of riders includes: Aaron Hadlow, Alex Fox, Andre Phillip, Billy Parker, Brandon Scheid, Brian Smith, Chad Worrall, Craig Cunningham, Davey Blair, Eric Rienstra, Evan Netsch, Greg Norman Jr., Jake Kelsick, Jason Slezak, Joby Cook, Kellen Hall, Matt Sexton, Rich Sabo, Rick Jensen, Sam Bell, Sam Light, Sam Medysky, Tom Court, and Wildcard winners Chris Bobryk, Fin Behrens, Maciek Lewandowski, and Tobias Holter. And on the women’s side: Claire Lutz, Colleen Carroll, Lulu Vroman, Paula Rosales, Sensi Graves, Victoria Soloveykina, Hope Levin, Kris Kinn, and Wildcard Winner Lindsay McClure. On Friday, May 30, non-invited riders will compete in the Venyu Triple-S Open, for a handful of remaining invitations.

Watch the Official Event Trailer at www.TripleSinvitational.com/on-demand/2014/official-event-trailer

For more information, including a full schedule of events, visit www.TripleSinvitational.com