Twelve kiteboarders from around the world were invited to enjoy two weeks of speed racing with 15 to 40 knots of wind on Martha’s Vineyard earlier this month. Sailing in familiar waters, Rob Douglas took the title, while Damien Leroy and Jamie Douglas (brother to Rob) secured the remaining two places on the podium. A $27,000 prize purse was awarded to riders recording the fastest times. In ten races, there was a maximum top average speed of 50.193 knots over 250 meters, with V-Max’s over 54 knots.

Riders sailed 7-12 meter kites, with high speeds being set by Bobby the Bullet “Rob Douglas”.  “Little LeRoy” hit an all- time fastest V max over 50 knots, while new speed rider Nico Parlier “The Kid” aka Le Garcon D’Arcachon hit his best V max on a speed board at over 52.5 knots. On light wind days, riders chose a new brand of speed board called “Giant Speed” (GS) to race at speeds of 44 knots in only 15-knots of wind.

NASSI 2013 Results:

1. Rob Douglas (USA)
2. Damien Leroy (USA)
3. Jamie Douglas (USA)
4. Morgan Douglas (USA)
5. Nico Parlier (FR)
6. Brian Kender (USA)
7. Alex Caizergues (FR)
8. Christophe Prin-Guennon (FR)
9. Sylvain Hoceini (FR)
10. Brock Callen (USA)
11. David Williams (UK)
12. Bill Lynch (USA)

All photos courtesy of Jana Halirova