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Erin Swain has been writing about her experiences learning to kiteboard. We will continue to bring you updates from Erin about her experiences throughout the season. You can follow Erin’s blog at https://kiteboarder3.wpengine.com/tag/erin-swain/

I was on a staycation – That’s a term I adopted from my friend Billy. It’s when you take time off work and enjoy everything your home has to offer. In my case, surfing and kiting!  So I woke up early and headed over to Kite Point down near Buxton (well, I had to go back to the place I was kiting the day before to recover my sunglasses I left behind first).

There were plenty of kites up and it was blowing. I watched Cameron Maramenides kite for a bit on a 7M.  He is so darn cute.  I decided to use my Epic 9M renegade.  I got in the water and was powered up plenty.  On my tacks out I felt good, and on my tacks back I felt really overpowered.  I was pretty nervous about this because the power lines run right up the beach and I did not want my kite to hit those.  After a few tacks, I decided it was too gusty and sketchy for my ability.  It was a short 20 minute session, but at least I tried it.

Afterwards, I drove over to the ferry dock to head to Ocracoke.  I had time to walk over the dunes and watch several ocean kiters.  It looked amazing.  It was warm, small waves, and a very enticing scene.  I am already chomping at the bit.  But, I know I am not ready for ocean kiting yet”¦.I hear it’s a whole other beast.

Going on the short ferry ride to Ocracoke feels like your leaving the planet. It’s such a cool experience, especially in the off-season.  I was with my friend Sarah, and we ran into some other friends on the Ferry.  It was a beautiful day!

Once we got to Ocracoke Sarah made some delicious coffee and then we drove on the beach to get up with some other Kiters.  Billy knew exactly where we were going to kite, and once we got to the spot, it was amazing!   There was a little mini inlet carved by the sound which came up under this sand dune wayyyyy down the beach.  Standing there you could see the ocean and the sound.  The wind was blowing the sand in these wave-like patterns and I felt like I was on a desert island (I guess I kinda was!).

There were only two kites out, and they were friends of Billy and Sarah’s. It was the most perfect situation for kiting.  Talk about discovering a secret spot!  Wendi was the girl kiting and she is by far the best kite chick I have ever watched.  Doing effortless unhooked tricks with a giant smile.  She let  me use her 7M, and her aggression board. I was stoked!

The inlet was shallow and narrow, so I just dove the kite and headed into the sound.  I worked on my turnarounds out in the sound and would zip back in along the shallow channel.  It was so much fun!  I feel like I am actually getting this sport, and I haven’t even started jumping yet.

Another incredible session on my staycation. New friends, good times, and a killer sunset.  Nothing beats that!