Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sydney, Australia


FCS today announced the signing of world renowned kitesurfer Ben Wilson. Ben now joins the Global Team alongside professional surfers; Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning, Julian Wilson, and the Hobgood brothers. The partnership will include the production of a signature FCS Ben Wilson fin designed specifically for wave kitesurfing.

Richie Lovett, SHI Brand Ambassador said, “FCS is really excited to be aligning with kitesurfing pioneer Ben Wilson. As the kite scene grows in popularity, so does the demand for high quality kiting equipment and this obviously extends to fins. Ben is the best in his field and his kiting techniques are heavily influenced by contemporary surfing which is of great interest to us. Our collective plan is to offer some exciting products by combining Ben’s expertise and feedback, with our knowledge of fin design”

Fin Control Systems, better known as FCS, offers surfers from a variety of different boarding codes the ability to change their fins and customize their equipment to suit different wave conditions and board designs. The system also has remarkable travel benefits.

Ben commented upon signing the agreement, “I am so stoked to be working with the leading fin company in the world. Kitesurfing is progressing at a monumental speed and it’s only a matter of time before surfers worldwide see the added benefits of using a kite in the surf when it’s all blown out. For me their is no better feeling than surfing in the morning and then when the wind comes up taking the same board and using it with the kite”.

The new FCS Ben Wilson signature fin will signify the introduction of FCS into the kitesurfing market, adding yet another dimension to the worlds most successful fin design and manufacturing company. Ben’s signature fin is scheduled for release in 2011.

Ben added further, “FCS is supporting my vision of bridging the gap between the two codes and taking kitesurfing into the mainstream. It’s so exciting to be working alongside FCS to create the best products for this crossover.”

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