TKB Feb2010 issue just released. This issue:

8-DcornerDesigner’s Corner: Designer’s reveal what went into designs of the new 2010 Slingshot Arcane, 2010 Liquid Force Alliance Snowboard, 2010 Mystic Shadow Harness, 2010 F-One Acid, 2010 Genetrix Origin, 2010 Epic Kites Renegade and 2010 Caution Mayhem

Athis2Analyze This TKB Gear Reviews: 2010 Best Waroo, 2010 Eclipse Surge, 2010 Liquid Force Havoc, 2010 Slingshot Scud, and 2010 Nobile NHP.

2-shadesofgreenFeature:  Behind the Scenes of Shades of Green, a kitesurfing movie with Reo Stevens, Ian Alldredge, Ben Wilson and Bear Karry.

3-snowplaceSnow Place Like Home: Top winter snowkite destinations in North America.

1-LaunchLaunch: Fastrack, the next one pump innovation?

4-elninoEl Nino: Blessing or Curse for Winter Kiting?

9-offtorescueOff to the Rescue: How to assess and help a kiter in need.

5-bajaeventSee the full schedule for the La Ventana Classic and KiteXpo: Clinics, day trips to island or coast, demo and comps.

7-PWProduct Watch: 9 new products you definitly want to check out!