SLIM CHANCE Instructional Sequence

Originally Published in the February 2009 Issue of The Kiteboarder Magazine

Level: Advanced
Degree of difficulty: Hard

Why is this move called the Slim Chance? Because that’s your chance of pulling it off – slim! The Slim Chance (also known as a Front Mobe) is an inverted front roll with a backside 360. Master this one and you will be the envy of all others.


  • 1. Come into the trick with moderate speed and power.
  • 2. Position your kite at 45º with your hands in the middle of the bar.
  • 3. Unhook, edge hard, and pop off the water.
  • 4. Once you come off the water, roll your body like you are going into an S-Bend by tucking your shoulder and turning your head. It helps if you have mastered the S-Bend first.
  • 5. As you go into your S-Bend, start to pull the bar to your back hip.
  • 6. When the bar is at your hip, snap your head in the opposite direction to initiate the spin.
  • 7. Pass the bar from your back hand to your front hand.
  • 8. Once you pass the bar, let your body fall as you spot your landing and bend your knees.
  • 9. Land, hook back in, and ride away cleanly.



  • Turning your head is the trick!
  • Pull the bar to your hip hard. The more inverted you get, the easier the handle pass is.