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NEWS: KSP Announces Wild Cards for 2013 Tour

Photo by Hugo Valente

Photo by Hugo Valente

Following the IKA release from March 25, 2013 the KSP is pleased to announce their wildcard picks, completing the slate of this years KSP tour riders. The KSP’s seven board members made their decision, taking into account several factors such as the riding level and future potential of each rider. Following a long deliberation and a very close decision by votes, the KSP board members agreed to award the coveted KSP wild card slots to the following riders:

Jose Silva (CPV): Having won the Cape Verdian National Title in 2011 and guest starring at the Cascais Kite Surf Pro 2012 as a Wild Card Entry, Jose Silva is no stranger to competition and shining amongst some of the most talented riders in the world. With the density of riding level on the small island chain of Cape Verde possibly being higher than anywhere else in the world, Jose Silva will have the chance to show just how well he can do on the World Tour.

Kalia Aguera (HAW): Kalia Aguera is the youngest female kite surfer ever to compete at a KSP World Tour event and made her debut at the Ho’okipa Kite Surf Pro 2012. At only 16 years of age, she has shown some raw talent and motivation. With Maui’s North Shore being her home and with a dad that has made history in the sport of kiteboarding, Kalia Aguera promises to impress in the future and the World Tour will be the perfect platform for her to unfold her talent further.

KSP board member Mitu Monteiro states: “I am very happy about the decision the board members took on the 2 KSP wild cards for this season. A young surfer with a lot of potential and a rider from an emerging nation that will receive a chance to show his talent on the international circuit. Now I can’t wait to see the action they will deliver on the water.”

The 2 KSP wild card riders will join the pre-qualified riders from last year’s overall KSP Tour rankings as well as the riders that received a KSP tour card as decided by the IKA and national associations and complete the slate of 22 male and 11 female riders for the 2013 KSP World Championship Tour.


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