Go Big or Go Home

The inside story on Red Bull's King of the Air and the promise he made to his mother

Road Tripping Australia

From Margaret River to Kalbarri, the west coast of Australia is full of nature, kiting, and beautiful surf.

TKB REVIEW: 2014/2015 NAISH Draft

The Draft is a 5-strut high aspect kite with swept-back wingtips that builds an impressive amount of power with small movements of the bar and delivers explosive boosting power for huge jumps.

TKB REVIEW: 2014/2015 NAISH Ride

The Ride is a medium aspect 2-strut kite with slightly swept back wingtips with a lightweight feel, great steering response and super fun freestyle handling that packed up tight into a rather small box.

TKB LW Review: 2014 NAISH Fly

The Naish fly is a lower aspect 2-strut kite which testers liked its solid low-end power for its size as wells as its super fun boost and hangtime when powered.

2014 Buyer’s Guide: Naish

Naish has a lot of exciting new products including the Memory Core control bar, two new kites, a new directional, and three new twin tips.

Strutless Kites: Strut Your Stuff. Or Not.

This year, for the first time ever, we are seeing production kites with zero struts. Their designers claim they are lighter, more compact when packed, and feature better low end performance than kites with struts.

TKB REVIEW: 2013 Naish Trip Strutless Kite

For our second strutless kite review (after the BRM Cloud) we received a Naish Trip. One unique aspect of this kite is that it is only available in one size – 10m.

VIDEO: Kevin Langeree is Having Fun

Kevin Langeree has been called the competition machine, but has never lost sight of what kitesurfing is all about. Check out Kevin "training" in the off-season...

2012 BUYER’S GUIDE: Naish Kiteboarding

Naish has made a lot of changes for 2012 including all new shapes and construction for the twin tip line, a new line of strapless only surfboards, and refinements to the kites and existing directional boards. Designers Ian Ponting and Damien Girardin filled us in on what Naish has in store for the 2012 model year.
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Win a 2012 Naish Park

Naish is pleased to announce this year's Win a Kite Contest. The 2012 Naish Park is getting amazing reviews all over the world already. Now this contest, running from September 1st to October 1st, 2011, will give one lucky winner a new 2012 Park shipped right to their doorstep. Good luck!