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NAISH Kite 810 Foil
Sizes Available: Front Wing 810cm2, Back Wing 280, Mast 95cm
Sizes Tested: Front Wing 810cm2, Back Wing 280, Mast 95cm

Naish Says:

For S25 Naish is pushing forward with creating a foil that is aimed at beginner-to-advanced riders looking for improved performance at the top end. The Kite 810 front wing features a medium-high aspect delta planform, mild center span anhedral, and washed out flattened wingtips for low drag and a balanced, easy feel. This wing is smooth with early takeoff and a wider range with higher speed and control. For improved pumping and top end speed we’ve paired it with the Jet HA 280 stabilizer.

Wings are not the only things that are new, the S25 foils feature a redesigned fuselage and mast as well. The fuselage is lighter and has stainless steel helicoil inserts to further reduce potential corrosion. The 95 cm mast has been completely redesigned to be stiffer in both bending and torsional flex and is 25% lighter than previous years. The mast also features a new bonding system to the board mount as well as the fuselage connection resulting in a sealed and stiffer board connection system.

Visit for more info: www.naishfoils.com/product/kite-810-complete/

Tkb Says:

The Naish kite 810 Foil features a lot of upgrades for this year, with an 810cm2 front wing with a 64cm wingspan that is made of crushed carbon and is mated to a newly designed 95cm tall mast. With both an aluminum mast and fuselage, we were truly impressed the moment we picked up the foil setup because it is strikingly light in your hands which makes it really easy to handle on the beach and hold the board under one arm while getting into the water. The overall lightweight construction feels great, especially without using expensive carbon in the mast or the fuselage.

The high aspect and smaller front wing requires higher board speed to get into the wing’s lift band, but the takeoff felt fairly smooth and easy to manage. The first thing we noticed is that at slower speeds the pitch is a bit more active, but once you accelerate into the foil’s cruising speed it becomes very stable with all inputs—the 810’s pitch, yaw and roll feeling is really stable and confidence inspiring to mash the peddle down to hit higher speeds. The yaw, pitch and roll axis seem really balanced at higher speed and this allows you to really focus on handling more power, pointing higher and exploring the wing’s top end. The design’s aluminum spars, while noticeably lighter, still feel stiff and efficient with your inputs transferring directly to the wing. When it comes to carving or chasing waves, the 810 doesn’t have the slow foiling speed or tight turning you need to comfortably carve and pivot on small faces, instead, the 810 is designed for large swooping high-speed turns. The 95cm mast feels long, especially when you are waterstarting in shallow water, but once you are on foil the extra length feels luxurious and allows you to be very confident about keeping the wing planted in the water, even at high upwind angles. If you are used to a surf foil, you might find tacks and jibes a little intimidating because you have to complete your footwork and turns at higher speeds, but the 810 has just enough low-speed lift to help you get through the eye of the wind on tacks and the stability makes transitions quite easy. Overall, the 810 is a great foil for hitting high speeds and covering a ton of distance with confidence and comfort because of its impeccable handling.


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