Strapless Toeside Jibe Made Easy

Many kiteboarders have discovered how much fun riding a surfboard-style directional board can be, but some riders who haven’t are intimidated by having to learn how to jibe.

Gypsy Trip

Two guys, one sprinter van and an endless array of Mediterranean kite spots.

Splash Reel

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Keep It 100

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SUP With Us

Best Kiteboarding Releases Their First Stand Up Paddle Board

New for Old

Best launches a new North American promotion this week, and it could save you lots.

TKB LW Review: 2014 BEST Breeze

The 2014 Breeze features lightweight construction and a lively ride that's great for riders who prioritize jumping and freestyle capabilities in lighter winds.

Joint Ops Brazil

The North American Blend Crew delivers action in a punchy edit from Northeast Brazil