A Ways to Kite

Shifty moves and skate-inspired tricks just south of the border

Red Sea Wind

After two and a half months in Brazil, Airush team rider Marc Toth heads back to one of his favorite riding destinations, Hamata, Egypt where he spends a full m... Read More...


Airush's Oswald Smith in the 2015 Airush Team Series Video

Cloud 9

Mads Wollesen gets eurphoric in Brazil

Julien Leleu in Tarifa

In between traveling and competing, Airush rider Julien Leleu spent his summer kiting the waves and lagoons of Tarifa


Kitesurfer DJ Bear Karry drops his latest edit with an original soundtrack

TKB LW Review: 2014 AIRUSH Zero

The Lithium Zero is a medium-low aspect strutless kite that is the largest of all the kites in this year’s light wind test.

Back to Business

Bruna Kajiya recovers from ACL surgery and returns to the PKRA tour in 2014

TKB Review: 2014 AIRUSH Apex

Testers praised the Airush Apex for its excellent upwind performance and good flex pattern for building impressive pop.

TKB Review: 2014 AIRUSH Varial X

This year the Varial X shed two struts, becoming a three-strut medium to high aspect bridled-C design that works extremely well for boosting freestyle and earned very positive reviews.

TKB Review: 2014 AIRUSH Lithium

The Lithium is a moderately low aspect three strut delta hybrid kite offering medium bar pressure and direct steering response with a pivot style turn that generated very predictable power and relaunched well from dead downwind.

Red Deck

There's a reason Alex Pastor is the 2013 PKRA World Champion

2014 Buyer’s Guide: Airush

For 2014 Airush has released the next edition of the very popular Lithium kite and a completely redesigned Varial X.