When two of the most progressive female kiters meet up
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Welcome to the Team

Victor Hays joins Airush with new kiting goals to serve a greater purpose
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Something different from Brazil
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Kite Attack

Strapless freestyle from the East Coast's #1 rider
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Half a Year

Half a year's kiting, filming, traveling and parties packed into four minutes

2016 Buyer’s Guide: Airush

One of the deepest kite lines in the industry with seven distinct models that target specific riding styles and skill levels.
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Infuse Tarifa

Combining the best of European kiting and lifestyle
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Airush Union

The go-to kite for anyone who wants to do a little bit of everything


Perfect training conditions on Egypt's flat waters
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Back in Black

Get your freestyle on with Airush's Team Black Collection
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A Ways to Kite

Shifty moves and skate-inspired tricks just south of the border