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Tkb Foil Instructional Guide


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If you’ve been eager to try foilboarding, this guide is full of information specifically for you. The TKB Foil Instructional Guide is full of information and tips that will help speed your progression through your first rides and onto intermediate and advanced foilboarding moves.



From the basics of understanding the right gear to purchase to getting your first couple of rides and advanced freeride foilboarding moves, Tkb’s Foil Instructional Guide is full of information and tips that will help speed up your progression. Foilboarding is now one of the most diverse segments in kiteboarding—from racing and going fast to carving on unbroken waves, or just getting out on the water in the lightest of winds—foilboarding is for everyone.

The Tkb Foil Instructional Guide includes topics on:

  • Choosing the Right Gear
  • Types of Foils and Constructions
  • Setting Up Your Foil
  • Placement of the Foil
  • Variable Length School Masts
  • Getting Started
  • Five Mistakes to Avoid
  • Choosing the Right Kite and Ideal Location
  • First Ride
  • Steering Control on your Foilboard
  • Speed and Power Control
  • Carving Turns
  • Foil Jibe
  • Foil Tack
  • Foil Duck Tack
  • Jumping


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