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Dakhla, Morocco welcomed back the World Tour athletes for the 11th edition of the Prince Moulay El Hassan Kite-Surf World Cup at the world-renowned spot of Foum Labouir. This location is known for epic waves and consistent wind, making it the ideal place for the final kite-surf event of this year.

The event kicked off at 12.45 pm with Men’s Round 1 where the winners of each heat advanced directly to Round 3. It was Samuel Michaille, Ali Beqqali, Pablo Amores and Hendrick Lopes who moved through. Round 2 gave an opportunity to Reda Lafdali and Achraf Bentajar who also advanced into Round 3 and remained in the competition.

The sun came out and the wind conditions started to stabilise as we entered Round 3,where the big names came out and the title race started to heat up. The criteria remained the same, and athletes were given 10 waves with the top two scores counting. Three athletes per heat battled to advance directly to Round 5, which is a massive advantage both mentally and physically, allowing them to rest during Round 4.

There were some standout performers from this round such as Sebastien Riberio from Brazil who had the highest score of the day with 16.3 points.

“I’m so stoked to win my heat, but at the same time I’m still nervous as I haven’t competed since Cabo Verde, which was almost two years ago,” said Sebastien Ribeiro. “For my first wave, I was trying to just surf and stay calm. I said to myself, just do what you need to do. Then I started to really warm up. It’s a lot of different feelings, and I’m just really stoked to be here.”

Canadian rider Reece Myerscough also rode a fluid heat. The conditions were not easy, although the wind was stable, the sets were few and far between, meaning the riders had to really make the most of every wave that they caught. Current leader James Carew ended the day with a strong and dominant performance for Heat 14, showing that he means business and has come to this event with only one objective: To win his very first World Champion title.

The action will continue with Round 4 of the Men and Round 1 of the Women. Things will start to get interesting as we reach the elimination rounds, where only the strongest will remain standing. Stay tuned!