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Ready for the 2022 GKA Kite World Tour Season?

They are heading to Colombia, March 2nd-6th, for the first freestyle event of the season!

Salinas del Rey is the newest location added to the GKA Kite World Tour. Located on the northern coast of Colombia, outside the small fishing village of Santa Veronica, the point of Salinas del Rey offers wind, flat water, waves and warm weather.


The primary wind season in Salinas del Rey is January through April, with daily winds averaging between 20-35 knots. While February and March are the windiest months, May through July also often average 15-25 knot days. In order to maximize conditions, the GKA will be hosting the first tour stop there in March!

The predominant wind direction is from the NE making for a side-onshore breeze. Visitors to the area should search Santa Veronica on Windguru and ikitesurf in order to find accurate wind readings.


Located on the Caribbean ocean, the ambient temperature is 82.4ºF and the water temperature is around 78.8ºC. The ocean is warm all year round therefore no wetsuits are needed. Pack your bikinis and your board shorts!


The point of Salinas del Rey extends out into the Caribbean ocean, creating a point break wave that barrels down the coastline. On the inside of the point, the water is protected, smooth and flat. As a result, this location offers conditions for wave-riding and freestyle alike.

Besides the main spot of Salinas del Rey, there are a variety of additional kite spots, most boasting small waves and chop. As a relatively undiscovered kitesurf location, many spots are uncrowded.THE TRAVEL

Travel to Salinas del Rey is relatively easy. Two international airports are located within 1.5hrs. Barranquilla is just 45 minutes away and Caragena is 1 hour 20 minutes. Once arrived, you can hop on the coastal bus (Expreso Colombia Caribe) in Barranquilla and for 7000 pesos catch a ride all the way to Santa Veronica/Salinas del Rey.

The most common form of public transport in Salinas are the three-wheeled taxis known as tuk tuk’s or carro-coches. Additionally, there are a handful of kite hostels to choose from””visitors can stay anywhere in Santa Veronica, Salinas and Las Villas, all villages extremely close to the kite spots. There are very few shops and restaurants are in the area, so come prepared to eat at home.

Learn more at https://www.gkakiteworldtour.com