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In Duotone’s never-ending search for excellence, they’ve continued to push the boundaries of shapes and construction for their 2022 surf lineup; in doing so, Duotone is thrilled to announce a new era of surfboards: Generation D/LAB. D/LAB stands for Duotone R&D laboratory: the experimental and visionary developmental arm of Duotone. Throwing convention out the window and embracing the future of kite technology and innovation, Duotone aims to think outside the box and try to stay three moves ahead of the competition. Building on the success of their acclaimed SLS surf construction and utilizing an industry-first RMF Shock Absorber (Reflex Memory Foam), their range of D/LAB surfboards represents the current pinnacle of a high performance surfboard design, offered only in selected 2022 models, the Wam, the Whip and the Fish!

What Makes RMF Shock Absorber So Special?

“Our new RMF (Reflex Memory Foam) Shock Absorber in combination with the Innegra Shield offers decisive technical advantages over the Cork Shock Absorber found in our SLS range. First, it is lighter, without affecting the overall strength of the board. Second, it has memory; if you put a small heel dent in the board, the foam will push the dent out over time, giving you a lighter board that stays looking fresh for longer. D/LAB boards feel more responsive on the water thanks to the reduced weight and the remarkable damping effect that drastically reduces high frequency vibrations, giving these boards a smooth and forgiving feel to inspire your confidence when attacking the lip and landing huge airs. The choice of our World Champions in any kind of surf.”