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For many people, the strapless frontroll is one of the benchmark kitesurfing tricks, not only because it is a significant step up in difficulty, but because it is a gateway to so many other tricks and rotations. Getting confident with frontrolls, and any rotation kiteboarding on a twin tip is step number one. For Evan Netsch, it took years of work and hundreds of attempts before he had it confidently figured out. He’s seen different takes on it from different riders as well, many with a bit of a flatter rotation while others tend to roll a bit more off axis. Evan thinks with the flatter, more vertical rotation it allows you to progress easier into multiple rotations, while the more off axis roll style allows you to go bigger while holding a slower rotation. One way or the other isn’t a better way to learn. For Evan it certainly was not a choice when learning as he initially favored the more off axis rotation naturally, but regardless, the front roll is one of his favorite tricks whether he’s kiting in flat water or in the waves.