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Tkb Review: 2022 Cabrinha Overdrive Quickloop 1X

The Overdrive Quickloop 1X is Cabrinha’s hallmark bar that incorporates a ton of features into a super clean design with an unbelievably comfortable grip. Designed as a dual length bar that comes in two sizes (medium 44/52cm or large 52/60), the bar chassis integrates Cabrinha’s Overdrive cartridge in the bar ends that allows you to swap the effective bar length by 8cm. Recently Cabrinha’s introduced a new bio-based Dynema line-set material that comes in 22m lengths with an extra 2m extension supplied in the packaging to reach 24m if desired. With a 90% reduction in carbon footprint, improved resistance to cuts and abrasions and better UV protection, this Bio-based Dynema is a clear step forward in line technology.

The Overdrive comes with a low-V in the center lines and the Trimlight system above the bar uses a power tuning cleat with a bungee built into the spectra line to keep the excess slack from getting in the way. The center lines end in knots and the outside lines end in lark’s head loops.

The 1x kite safety system depowers along a single centerline safety depower that runs down the PVC-coated throw line, through the bar and out through the center of the quick release for a cleanly routed safety system. The Quickloop quick release features a red push-away handle along with a hand swivel that doubles as a travel guard. When you push on the quick release, it remains cocked open, waiting for a reset. If you’re trying to reset in the water, since the gate remains open, you just stick the end of the chicken loop back in and shift the release handle so it slides back down for a clean reset.

The center of the bar is aluminum and features a Cabrinha logo etched into the metal on one side so that the rider can tell when the bar is being held the correct way. The chicken finger is a molded plastic piece and is removable with an Allen screw for those who are doing freestyle and don’t want it to get in the way of unhooking/hooking back in. The bar ends feature integrated molded foam floats, ample space for cleanly wrapping your lines and a bungee for keeping your lines cleanly stowed. The Overdrive adjustable bar length system can be changed on the beach by pulling out a plastic insert from the bottom of the bar end and rotating it to change the effective length of the bar. When you pull out the insert, you also get three knots to adjust the length of the outside lines. The ergonomics of the bar grip feature asymmetrical bumps that nestle between your fingers with EVA that has just the right balance between firm and plush with small textured indentations. The rubbery bumps on the top make the bar feel grippy, so it feels like your hand is secure on the nice comfy grip.

The Overdrive Trimlight 1x has become one of our favorite bars that rated high among our testers for its clean but technical design as wells as the grip’s comfortable feel on your hands during longer sessions. Like a piece of functional art, the Overdrive Trimlight 1x is feature rich while keeping every part streamlined for a clean user-experience.


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