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And better than ever before”¦

In this episode, Reider will show you the way to a successful one-footed 360 shovit and if you don’t know what that is, or how to do it yet – Reider Decker is here to take you through the movement, step-for-step.

Now some study material”¦

  1. Get started by looking for a kicker, that is coming straight towards you instead of a kicker coming from upwind in order to project off it, straight out and less upwind.
  2. Once you project off the kicker (straight-side-shore), get the nose of your board up high in the wind so that your front foot can really control the board.
  3. Keep your front foot controlling the board as you get higher while your body weight shifts back to allow space for your backhand to grab the upwind, tail side of the board.
  4. Once your hand is on the upwind tail side of the board, flip the tail downwind (don’t push the board forward or pull it in when you flip it).
  5. The tail is going to spin 180 (fins spin 180) first, whereafter you are going to place both your feet & spin with the board for the last rotation, making the board spin a full 360.
  6. The board will be falling downwind so be sure to place even weight on your feet when you land, with pressure on your front hand to keep the momentum going.