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Carved Customs releases the first Cartan 2 powered twintip

Since 2012, the Imperator has been powered by Cartan carbon fiber, Carved’s proprietary, low resin, 30° biaxial carbon fiber. A new era begins with the debut of the Cartan 2 powered Imperator 7. Live the legend.

The wait is worth it.

Imperator 7

Not all carbon fiber is created equal. Selecting the appropriate carbon weave, tow, filament, and thread count are critical to maximizing twintip performance. When Carved couldn’t source a suitable off-the-shelf carbon fiber that met its expectations, they created their own and gave it a name – Cartan. And it’s been powering the Imperator for the last nine years.

Carved’s relentless search for even better material and processes than the original led the R&D team to Cartan 2 and Elan’s (a related company) state-of-the-art ski factory. Cartan 2 combines untwisted, unidirectional carbon fiber strands with minimal epoxy binders into a thin, flat, 30° scrim matching the exact board size. The evenly distributed, very straight fibers result in a composite laminate with a lighter, more uniform microstructure than those produced using conventional woven-fabric pre-pregs. Improved filament-tofilament load transfer results in an incredibly energetic Imperator 7 that’s 100g lighter than the previous generation. And with virtually no waste, it’s also better for the environment.

Hull design elements that perform like a finely tuned orchestra.

Much of the sixth generation’s proven hull design is carried over to the 7th gen like the distinctive Imperator Ellipse. The Ellipse channels energy to the fins and edges when the Ellipse to compensate for the more rigid Cartan 2 carbon, though.

A double concave V-shaped keel cuts through the roughest chop and delivers incredible grip and poise. Hand-finished rails feature slightly sharper, drag-reducing, tucked under rail profile. The “round edge with a corner” uses the Coandă effect to carve buttery smooth turns. And rocker is increased 5mm to leverage the revolutionary REVO rocker adjuster.

Photo: Lutz Englert

REVO grab handle

REVO adds a whole new tempo to twintipping.

A clever rocker adjuster is integrated into the grab handle. A quick turn increases or decreases the board rocker by 15mm. Easily activate REVO with a flick of the wrist to reduce or increase board rocker depending on your riding conditions and/ or preferences.

Lasting beauty.

When you invest in an Imperator, you expect it to maintain its beauty and performance forever, so Carved added an elegant foiled top and bottom sheet to improve durability (more scratch-resistant) and UV resistance. Forever boards also need protection in transit, so Carved ships them with a twintip sock to maintain lasting beauty.

Photo: Thomas Burblies

Light wind approved.

With unique features and shapes, the LW editions are designed to excel in less than perfect conditions. Cartan 2 carbon fiber, hand-finished rails, and Carved’s adjustable rocker is a game-changer in light winds.
The ultimate twintip.

Ultra-high performance. Check.

Made in the EU? Check. The perfect twintip for a CORE kite? Double-check. You work hard. Then play hard. And invest in a board that you’ll never outgrow.

Photo: Thomas Burblies

An Imperator like no other.

Build the ultimate twintip in your custom size. Select board length, width, stance, edge grinding, and laminate structure based on your personal preferences. And Carved will finish it with your own paint design.

Developed on Fehmarn. Made in the EU.

The Imperator has long achieved cult status for the highest standard in quality, construction, innovation, design, and durability. The Imperator 7 is manufactured in its Slovenian sister company ELAN, a modern ski and yacht production facility to maintain its status. CARVED’s production manager
is often on-site at ELAN’s Alpine facility to ensure the Imperator’s legendary quality continues.

Ultra pads and straps

The ultimate pads and straps to go with the ultimate twintip.

Micro-adjust your straps on the fly with their snowboard-inspired bindings. Click, click, and they’re snug! Carved’s latest generation Ultra pads and straps features simplified complexity and improved functionality. Less material, smoother rachets, thicker padding, and optimized strap curvature provide sneaker-like comfort and ease of use.


Imperator 7 Sizes: 130 x 39 / 133 x 40 / 135 x 41 / 137 x 42 / 139 x 42.5 / 141 x 43 /LW 146 x 45 /LW 152 x 48

Learn more about the Imperator 7 here.