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Whether you’re into flatwater or waves, Cape Hatteras has got something for everyone. To an extent, the wind direction dictates your discipline, which is what has made Evan Netsch one of the most well-rounded riders on the East Coast. Because Hatteras has such a long, straight coastline, it’s infamous for its downwinders, both in the ocean or on the sound side. When the wind blows from the NW, the ocean offers up plenty of waves for a downwinder between Rodanthe or Salvo, and when it blows from the SW, it’s the perfect setup for exploring the shallow, buttery flat sound side of the island. In this video, Evan takes us on one of his favorite sound-side downwinders, the infamous Planet of the Apes, tours us through the marshes and shows us why he’s proud to call the Outer Banks his home.

“I’ve always felt very lucky to grow up in Cape Hatteras and call the Outer Banks home. With great riding for the majority of the year both flat water and in the waves it is helped show me that kiteboarding is about more than just one discipline and it has molded my riding to fit whatever the given conditions of the day are, from surf, to big air, freestyle and foiling. Take a peak at what Cape Hatteras has to offer!”

— Evan Netsch