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Cabrinha’s Team Talks 01 Collection

This year, Cabrinha adjusted its launch cycle to release a full product range at the start of the calendar year. Among a whole host of benefits for their customers, this raised the stakes on their photo shoots. Photographer and Marketing Manager James Boulding descended on the Canary Islands to shoot as much action as possible with Cabrinha’s European team which offered a new perspective and a new set of challenges. The sandstone rock and muted landscapes formed perfect backgrounds of contrast against the vibrant and updated look of the 01 collection. For Keahi and Moona, an incredibly early season of swells teed up some insane conditions in the Hawaiian Islands to showcase the updated Drifter and new line of surfboards. After long hours spent on the latest gear, find out what Cabrinha’s team riders have to say about the 01 collection.