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The Ether binding is a self-adhesive, ultralight, high-performance binding, but you might need some help if you haven’t set up this type of binding before. Considering there is no baseplate adjustment with the self-adhesive pad, it’s important to know your stance beforehand and get the application right first try. The high-bond 3M application tape is STICKY! But don’t stress, because thanks to some simple and intuitive design, the box can be used as a simple guide to align the pads to your new ride, and this video will explain how.

“The Ether binding approaches board connection from a different perspective. In looking at modern bindings, we realized there was a core group of riders with enough experience to KNOW what their stance and strap setup is. These riders would only use the adjustment available on the Element once, and never need to adjust them again. The Ether binding gives these riders a high-performance option that does away with adjustability in favor of bare-bones functionality, giving you only what you need to ride. It was never intended to replace bindings like the legendary Boost or Element, just give ‘those who know’ an option that didn’t otherwise exist.” — Dave Kay.

Learn more about AK’s Ether binding here: https://www.akdurablesupplyco.com/product/kite/ether-bindings/