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Airush’s Brand Director Clinton Filen takes us through the Airush surfboard series and the features and benefits of each board.

Airush Cypher V3 *New

Developed with Spanish strapless champion, Kiko Torres, the parallel outline and square tail create a shape comfortable at high speed. This compact outline is suitable for high-speed strapless or strapped boosting. The Reflex Wood option includes a quad fin option for high-speed strapped riding, while the Carbon Innegra is optimized as a 3 fin for lightweight and dedicated strapless performance.[/vc_column_text]

Photo of Kiko Torres by Samuel Cardenas

Designer insight: The reflex wood option includes a quad fin option for high speed strapped riding, while the Carbon Innegra is optimized as a 3 fin for a lightweight and dedicated strapless performance. Ride the Cypher 4” shorter than the Amp. Clinton Filen

Airush Amp V4

Great all-around surf shape, developed for side to onshore waves & some flat water freestyle.

It is written in capital letters, that’s how AMPed Airush is about it! Developed with American Reider Decker, to create a board that was comfortable for side shore, on shore and even some flatwater strapless freestyle, the Amp V4 has an all-around surf shape and a fast rocker with maneuver oriented outline.

Photo of Reider Decker by Ramiro Gallart

Designer insight: We improved the AMPs performance at higher speed and faster waves by reducing the width and rail thickness without losing its perfect all-round blend. Ride the AMP 4” shorter than the Comp. Ride the AMP 4” longer than the Cypher. Clinton Filen

Airush Comp V4

High-performance shape, ideal for down the line and faster waves.

The Comp was developed with South African Oswald Smith and Australian Charlie Wise. It typically suits the requirements of their home conditions ideal for down the line and faster waves. It has a high rocker with a narrow tail & offset strap option and is durable and flexible.

Photo of Oswald Smith by Jason Broderick

Designer insight: For the Comp V4 we focused on improving the high-speed control of the comp, enabling you to ride faster and deal with bigger surf. Ride the Comp 4” longer than the Amp. ”“ Clinton Filen


The easiest way to remember the difference with these boards in Airush’s range is by the color. If the board is dark teal, its a Reflex Wood board, and if the board is dark red in color, then its a Carbon Innegra board.

On a more technical note:

The Reflex Wood boards have a high-density top and bottom deck with an EPS core and a high reflex fiberglass laminate. These boards include foot strap inserts for parallel or offset straps and are sold with full traction fixed to the board. The current model includes foot strap inserts and a heavy-duty wood/cork sandwich.

The Carbon Innegra boards feature the impact-resistant Carbon Innegra deck and a strong Carbon Biaxial bottom with a high-density P.E.T foam sandwich core which is perfect for strapless.


Airush developed two clear lines within the surf series to accommodate two growing trends within the surf category.

  1. The continued growth of strapless riding
  2. The growing segment of riders who use footstraps, with an increasing amount of riders who don’t want to switch their feet.

All of Airush’s Reflex Wood boards feature foot strap inserts, with traction pads installed. The front strap inserts offer a 3-hole pattern to allow for a straight strap set, typically for riders who would prefer to gybe. It also allows for a single angled front strap for riders who do not switch their feet or prefer to ride on their backhand.

All of Airush’s Carbon Innegra boards are sold without fins or traction and do not have foot strap inserts.

To learn more visit: https://airush.com/boards/