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The ocean is our playground, our racetrack and relaxation zone, our source of inspiration and thrill. We love it. Not only for the endless opportunities it offers in regard to watersports but also for the power, strength, and beauty it exudes. Without it, watersports wouldn’t be the same. Yet this essential part of our lives is seriously threatened.

Huge amounts of garbage, especially plastic, are endangering our oceans and the wildlife living in it. By now, plastic makes up for most of the marine litter worldwide.

The “Save Our Playgrounds” initiative from Duotone, ION and Fanatic aims to protect our environment and to preserve these wonderful places for future generations who also want to enjoy the nature and the stoke of our sports.

In 2019 Duotone already called on you to help collect trash from shores around the globe and it was a huge success: Close to one ton of plastic was collected. From Australia to Europe, from Cape Verde to the USA and even to the far reaches of Russia and Brazil; team riders, sales agents, reps and our friends from ION Club joined forces together with you to contribute to the fight against plastic pollution.


This year, everything is a little different due to the pandemic situation. In most countries, organized clean ups are not possible at the moment, but we still want to motivate each single person to go out there and do good!

Therefore, Duotone partnered up with Planet Patrol, who offer a FREE app to make litter picking and tracking very easy and accessible for everybody, no matter where you are! This is a great chance to organize a virtual CLEAN BEACH DAY during April 29th to May 2nd 2021. Choosing a period of four days instead of only one day will hopefully maximize the effect and involve even more people than back in 2019.



1. Get ready
Please use the free Planet Patrol app DOWNLOAD HERE
Bring a reusable bucket or reusable garbage bag, gloves and team up with one friend or your family to join our initiative during April 29th to May 2nd 2021 wherever you are!
Although cleanings in large groups are not allowed at the moment, we want you to feel connected and will stay in touch with you during these 4 days via our social media channels.

2. During the clean up
The most important rule is to stay safe & healthy and comply with the current corona pandemic hygiene regulations of your location. Keep distance and wear a face mask if requested.Clean up tips
Please do not use single-use plastic bags to collect litter!
+ Record everything in the free Planet Patrol app (see under 3.)
+ Separate what you pick up into recyclables and non-recyclables
+ Recycle what you can!
+ Covid-safe clean ups comply with the current corona pandemic regulations of your location
+ Take pictures and share them via social media with the hashtags #CLEANBEACHDAY2021 and #SAVEOURPLAYGROUNDS and motivate your friends to also go out there and do good!

3. Last but not least
How to record your collected trash:
Please use the free Planet Patrol app DOWNLOAD HERE to record the amount of trash collected. You can download the app for free, register within a minute and start collecting trash wherever you are!

How to share your activity:
Take pictures during and at the end of your Clean Beach Day from the trash collected and from your small team and feel free to share these impressions with us via social media using the hashtags #CLEANBEACHDAY2021 and #SAVEOURPLAYGROUNDS

Note: Each participant takes part on a voluntary basis, without payment and at one’s own risk.

We feel it is our responsibility to take action and do what we can to save our playgrounds before it is too late. And we invite everyone to join us in this endeavour!