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My favorite aspect of the photoshoot is the excitement of turning up on location and unpacking the new gear as it arrives. As professional kiters, we are uniquely tuned in to every piece of equipment; we have a very personal connection to these products and unboxing the final presentation never gets old. From a manager’s side, seeing the new designs for the first time in person and watching the products being unleashed into skilled hands is gratifying.  When the camera can capture it, witnessing the stoke on our riders’ faces and collecting the action that unfolds is a magical feeling. By the time a collection photo shoot rolls around, you’ve invested months of office time, tweaking a flat product on your computer through multiple stages of design, graphics and 3D renditions. You’ve watched countless prototypes move through the office in various states of completion, but the photo shoot is the ceremonious finale””a quiet red carpet extravaganza where the evolution is complete, and the

photographer must capture the exhilarating feel and experience of a million design decisions.

This year, Cabrinha adjusted its launch cycle to release a full product range at the start of the calendar year. Among a whole host of benefits for our customers, this raised the stakes on our photo shoots. The Canary Islands was the decided place to shoot as much action as possible with our European team offering a new perspective and a new set of challenges. The sandstone rock and muted landscapes formed perfect backgrounds of contrast against the vibrant and updated look of the 01 collection. For Keahi and Moona, an incredibly early season of swells teed up some insane conditions in the Hawaiian Islands to showcase the updated Drifter and new line of surfboards… to read the rest of The Photo Get subscribe to The Kiteboarder Magazine.