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This winter, Reno Romeu traded the warm, sunny beaches of Brazil for beautiful mountains and snow in Austria. Find his tips below for the ultimate Austrian snowkiting experience.

SNOWKITING: If you are going to snowkite it is very important that you find a big area with nothing around. No trees, no power cables, no nothing; this is the first safety rule for snowkiting. For a better experience you also must take off the highback of your bindings which will allow you to have a more comfortable position on your board, making it easier even to go upwind.

OBERTAUERN: The most famous place for snowkiting is Obertauern which is about a 4 hour drive from the capital of Vienna. The ski town is lovely and has many hotels and restaurants. In this town there is a nice plateau where you can snowkite, and also a kite school where you can learn how to snowkite. Also in Obertauern there are many mountains around perfect for skiing and snowboarding and the landscape is amazing.

RED BULL RING: The famous racetrack from Red Bull, the Red Bull Ring, is located in Spielberg. About 2 hours from Vienna, the Red Bull Ring offers you pretty much any kind of experience you can imagine about cars. You can drive anything from Formula 3 cars to Land Rovers. If you are a car lover, you have to go and try it out. It’s a lot of fun!