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The all new 2021 Moto kite from Cabrinha has been supercharged this year. Thrust is now generated more effortlessly and the kite’s ability to ”˜climb’ upwind has been greatly improved. This all translates into an infinitely more crisp and direct kite performance free ride kite with immediate response and control. To aid with the forward drive, the second version has had a redesign not only in its unique profiles, but also in the arc shape where Cabrinha reduced the coning to allow it to fly faster through the wind window. The final stage of redesign in all the Moto’s, is the bridle. Cabrinha took a balanced approach to allow and maintain the lighter bar feel, while giving more control through varying angles of attack, all in all giving a far more refined and versatile kite this year. Follow along as Damien LeRoy points out his favorite features.