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A shallow bay with a pristine coastline dotted with great surf, consistent wind and warm water most of the year makes South Padre Island (SPI) a safe bet for everyone from beginners to seasoned kiters. Our easy bay access and steady wind offer beginners the best foundation to learn and progress, while intermediate kiters and experts enjoy honing skills in both flat water and ocean riding. Although the area experiences good kiting year-round, fall and spring seasons are typically the busiest for kiteboarding, offering a variety of great conditions alongside mild temperatures. During these times, you’re likely to cross paths with wind seekers from all over the world. Wintertime is also a safe bet for stronger wind days, fewer crowds, and plenty of warm days. Digital nomads and retirees find SPI a great place to spend a winter, with affordable rentals and modern life conveniences nearby. The late summer months of July and August bring many light days ideal for foiling and freeriding. For oceangoing kiters of all skill levels, SPI offers miles of easy-access wave riding. Beginners just starting in the waves will experience all sorts of conditions ranging from small wind swell to clean sizable 

groundswell. SPI hosts a friendly local population of surfers and kitesurfers who are happy to point you in the direction of the best wave-riding spots. Foilers find the bay the perfect place to brush up on skills before heading out into the ocean to enjoy the many days when the waves are small and inviting. Aside from South Padre Island’s reputation as a windsports destination, its scenery, laid-back vibe, accessibility and affordability make it an all-around great place to be. Families will find many activities that cater to them and will appreciate the convenient access of the beaches and the complete amenities of a region with a substantial year-round population. The town itself is highly walkable, bike-able and easy to navigate, with a simple layout that makes getting around and staying active a breeze. SPI allows its visitors to bypass the travel-related stressors associated with farther-flung, overpopulated destinations while still enjoying a beautiful and unique location.

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CLOSEST AIRPORT: You can fly into South Padre Island International Airport (BRO) or Valley International Airport (HRL).

DISTANCE TO LOCATION: BRO is 30 minutes from downtown, and HRL is 45 minutes.

TRANSPORT TO LOCATION: All the major rental car companies are available at BRO and HRL airports. There’s a $45 shuttle from HRL to the island, and a taxi or Uber ride typically runs $50 to $80. Everything is within walking and biking distance, and there’s a free and easy local bus with many convenient stops along with local taxi and Uber drivers available at all times.

Photo: Maggy Lefebvre

BEST SEASON: SPI offers year-round kiting conditions, but October through June has better chances of strong winds and wave riding conditions. Summer brings reliable afternoon medium to light winds, great for flat water freestyle, foiling and cruising.

WIND RANGE: From October through May, riders have a better chance of strong wind and wave riding with 15-30 knots most days. June through October might be a little lighter, with most days trending 10-20 knots.

WATER TEMPERATURE: High season is generally considered fall and spring when the temperatures are mostly mild. The air hovers in the 70s to 80s with the water in the 70s. Most kiters use a neoprene top or a spring suit, but there are very warm days where no neoprene is needed or slightly cooler days where a full suit is ideal. In the latter part of spring through early fall, you will not need any neoprene. December through February is not quite considered high season, but while there are still plenty of kiting days, the temperatures can range from the 70s to the 50s, with the water ranging in the 60s. Most riders choose a 3/2mm or 4/3mm full suit and/or booties. January is usually the coldest month.

OFF-SEASON: August and September have beautiful weather and great surf but statistically the lightest wind conditions.

LOCAL RULES/SAFETY HAZARDS: All beaches on South Padre Island are open to kiting without restrictions. There are many great accesses to the flat water bay, including a huge kiteboarding and windsurfing specific bay with access, as well as many accesses to the beach on the ocean side. Common sense safety rules apply: Avoid launching and flying over non-kiters on the beach and don’t kite close to or around swimmers or surfers. It is recommended to use the private flat water kiting beach called North Flats for the most open space as it is uncrowded and the best beach choice for beginner kiters as well.

Photo: Brett Newcomb

LODGING RECOMMENDATIONS AND COSTS: South Padre Island retains the allure of an affordable, easy-access beach destination only a hop and a skip away from anywhere in the USA and many international countries. As a major vacation destination for many types of visitors, housing options are abundant, and prices widely vary, especially in the fall, winter and spring. Good deals can be found especially for more extended stays, and beachfront units can be had for as low as $100 a night. There’s plenty of budget-friendly and big-name hotels ranging from $50-80 a night, and for RVers, there’s a KOA and county park campground. For medium-budget travelers, there are condos, Airbnb and apartment rentals ranging from $80-$150 a night. The more spacious/well-stocked two to four-bedroom options run $150-300 a night, and there are many luxury options (high-rise condos, beachfront units and bigger homes) ranging from $250-450 a night.

LOCAL CUISINE: South Padre Island offers a wide variety of good cuisine, and the prices are affordable compared with urban areas and pricier destinations. Burgers and fried seafood are abundant at the many beachside and bayside hangouts like Coconut Jacks. For fine steaks and featured local seafood, try Liam’s Steakhouse, F&B or Sea Ranch. Make sure to sample some local Gulf of Mexico seafood like red snapper, oysters, and shrimp. There are traditional Mexican taquerias, Tex-Mex, sushi, and five different Italian restaurants in town, along with our local brewery, Padre Island Brewing Company. As a world-class fishing destination, you will find many restaurants that will cook your catch. Many options are also available for the health-conscious: try Ceviche Ceviche for a quick lunch or a spinach salad (tip: add the sashimi-style tuna). Make sure to stop by the year-round farmer’s market on Sundays and try Franny’s keto-friendly treats and Acacia Farm’s local organic veggies.

Photo courtesy of Prokite South Padre

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As part of the Prokite South Padre team, South Padre offers perfect year-round kiteboarding lessons for all levels and styles of riders. For wind seekers who love a laidback atmosphere, good conditions and easy access to spots, it’s easy to see why South Padre Island is a great place to live and teach kiteboarding. The Prokite team loves living, kiting and operating a fully stocked shop, and we are committed to helping visiting kiters make the most out of their trip to South Padre Island year-round.

THE ONE THING EVERYONE MUST DO: Pose for a picture at the South Padre Island sign at the entrance to the island and kiteboard a lot!

NON-WIND ACTIVITIES: On the inevitable no-wind day, you can explore the restaurants, shopping and waterfront bars that are abundant”” nearly everything is within walking and biking distance. South Padre Island offers miles of beautiful clean beaches for swimming, running, sunbathing, and shell hunting, as well as clean, relatively warm water and great waves for surfing and SUPing. Nature lovers and eco-tourists will find many opportunities to enjoy the region’s unique ecology. You can sign up for world-class fishing charters, birdwatching and dolphin watching. Visit the Sea Turtle Inc. Rescue Center or the SPI Birding and Nature Center, or take a sunset walk in the dunes anywhere north of town to get a sense of the pristine habitat. There are plenty of activities when the sun goes down; from bar hopping, live music and party boat cruises to watching fireworks, there’s always something going on. When the conditions are right, those equipped for beach camping can drive a few miles up the beach and experience amazing stargazing. Back in town, bikers, runners and dog walkers will enjoy recently improved sidewalks, dedicated bike lanes and, of course, miles of clean beaches.

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