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Tkb’s Vol. 17, No. 3 drops in as fast as Olivia Jenkins at Jaws.

On the cover, Olivia threads the needle at Jaws on opening day in Maui. With a packed lineup of tow, paddle and windsurfers, Olivia sought out the finest pick of behemoth walls during a narrow window of wind at the end of the day. // Photo Brian Solano

Vol. 17, No. 3 packs heaps of kiteboarding content into six long-form feature stories and 10 departments that are sure to keep you jonesing for your next session.

In between the flaps, Vetea Boersma challenges Hood River’s windiest day, enduring 70-knot gusts and pitting skill and luck against the unrelenting forces of nature. We follow freestyle phenom Maxime Chabloz’s advice on training smarter, not harder, and get the details on his quest to find the holy grail atop the kiteboarding freestyle tour. Ramon Schoenmaker takes us on a backcountry adventure at France’s Col du Lautaret and we catch up with Jake Kelsick as he kickstarts a new chapter building a destination kite school on his home turf. Fred Hope takes us behind the curtain of his super-human foil skills and his recent win at hydrofoilings’ first freestyle event, and on his first brand-specific photoshoot, Xander Raith steps out of the park to prove that regression can be progression.

Profiles include Cabarete artist Sam Chilvers and Baja’s Robby Stewart. Chris Bobryk fills us in on how to let loose and boost with a Rocket Air and Ken Winner sheds light on the intersection between design and materials.

Get your hands on 120 pages of timeless, long-form kitesurf stories that cut through the drone of the digital world and reach deep into every corner of kite culture.

Tkb’s winter issue is available now in coffee table print or through the convenience of your digital device.


Vetea Boersma syncs up with professional photographer Richard Hallman on one of Hood River’s windiest days. Amidst power outages and airborne roofs, Vetea braves the Columbia River under the influence of record-setting 70-knot gusts.

A master of all trades, Swiss kiter Maxime Chabloz hits his stride on the freestyle world tour while kickstarting a professional freesking career. Dominating just about any sport on a plank, Maxime charges ahead with unreal natural talent hardened by firm discipline and razor-sharp focus.

Flysurfer’s Ramon Schoenmaker recounts a backcountry adventure at France’s Col du Lautaret, highlighting the new single skin kite technology and its profound impact on backcountry ski access.

Professional kiteboarder and content creator Jake Kelsick sets off on a new adventure with his fiancée, Megan Grant, to build a destination kiteboarding school that capitalizes on Antigua’s tropical beauty and ideal kiteboarding conditions.

Sitting down for an interview with the quiet and understated foil legend, Fred Hope talks about his transition into foilboarding, his recent win at the first freestyle foil event and the future of competitive freestyle foilboarding.

Working backwards, snowboard and kite park athlete, Xander Raith, takes a break from the summer lockdowns to master the ropes of big air board-offs and dangle-style freeride to prove that regression can be progression.

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