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“We booked a car in Johannesburg and crossed the border into Mozambique with nothing in the way of a plan, just a short list of local people along the coast that could steer us in the right direction.”

“Every day in Mozambique is an adventure””from lion to zebra spottings, the road is full of amazing sights, but above all else, Mozambique has perfect flatwater locations and the makings of a top-tier kite destination in the years to come…”

Paul Serin joins Victor Hays and Nino Liboni on a road trip across the Mozambique border and up the coastal district of Xai Xai. Armed with a short list of local fixers, the team stumbles their way through the uncharted wonders of an emerging kite paradise…. To read rest of Paul Serin’s Mozambique photo essay, become a subscriber of Tkb Magazine.

Tkb’s Vol. 17, No. 1 summer 2020 digital issue is available now. The print issue will be landing in mailboxes soon!