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In the world of kitesurfing the male gender are often seen as dominating the beaches. Jalou Langeree wanted to prove this wrong and decided to do girls only trip. Joined by Olivia Jenkins and Catharina Edin, they traveled to kite one of the most mesmerizing left handers in the world — Flame Balls off the southern coast of Madagascar. To reach the break, they embarked on a 118ft ship called ‘Luna Moon’ which allowed them to live onboard and maintain proximity to this unique wave spot. To be able to kite in waves, the right combination of swell and wind direction must line up which means sometimes you just have to wait. But if you wait long enough, there is a high chance of scoring the conditions of the lifetime.

Featured in our Winter 2019 issue, read more about Olivia, Jalou and Catharina’s schooner expedition to search out left-handed perfection along Madagascar’s southwest coast in Searching for Sapphire Seas.