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The traditional Dakhla winds failed to materialize in the early morning, so Day 2 competition was on hold until the early afternoon. At 14:00 the green flag went up and the girls blasted their way through Round 3 of the Women’s Elimination.

Foum Labouir is known as an epic wave spot, and there is still hope that it will deliver the goods during this week-long competition.

Round 3 Action

The wind and wave conditions were marginal, but with a complicated forecast for the coming days, the race director, Juan Antonio Aragon, decided to start the heats. Considering how our last event in Denmark ended with no result due to lack of wind, the pressure is on to be able to run this final event of the year. Although not ideal, the conditions were deemed suitable to run the competition.

Advancing directly to Round 5 we saw Catharina Edin, Marcella Witt, Capucine Delannoy and Peri Roberts. In tough conditions, they each managed to make the most of the complicated situation. Advancing through in 1st position allowed each of them to rest during Round 4.

Peri Roberts will need to win her next heat in Round 5 if she wants to be crowned World Champion here in Dakhla. This is a huge achievement for her, as she has only been on tour for little more than a year.

It took 3 days just to arrive in Dakhla and there were many complications for some people, but we all finally made it! It’s a shame that the conditions aren’t providing right now because I know how great this spot can be. I’m a little embarrassed about my performance today, as I wanted to showcase my riding as I know it. My fingers and toes are crossed that we can get the event finished and I’ll be praying to the wind gods tonight!”

For now, everyone hopes for a positive forecast in order to complete this event and give an amazing show to end the season. Stay tuned!